Our Favorite Kitchen Trends 2019

The modern contemporary home of 2019 is all about clean lines with a minimalist vibe.  Clutter free surfaces and alternative storage solutions keep things like microwaves off counter tops and fast safe and pleasing to the eye; induction burners utilise less heat while surfaces remain safe to touch.

Moodier tones are providing a richer look with dark and dramatic colours creating an emotion and energy opposite to those bright whites with treated concrete or brick splash-backs compliment the latest ‘industrial’ look.

Industrial look painted brickwork as a kitchen splashback.

Reclaim your light!

Industrial styled units are being complimented with reclaimed style lighting to complete the look.  Here’s one we found on our travels from the Lightstore Leigh on sea

Copper is in!

De Dietrich Built in Ovens come with a copper treatment giving it a bit of pizzazz! Or make a statement with a unique styled sink like this copper interior undermounted design by Lanesto featured in our showroom. Lanesto Sinks

Space savers

If your worktop space is a bit of a challenge take advantage of using your sink to double up as a chopping board.

The Blanco Custom-fit chopping board design means that you can prepare all of your favourite foods right on top of the sink

Space challenge!

Adding additional seating by extending your island worktop is ideal if your short of dining space like this one by Keller. 

Add a punch to your floor look!

If you want to move away from traditional wooden or basic tiled floors you can add a punch to your kitchen with a striking pattern like this eclectic range from Marshall Bull in Leigh on Sea.

Add personality to your kitchen area by making a statement with your seating like these stools which accompany one of our handmade kitchens.

Oxygen enhancing kitchen greenery

For an overall feeling of wellness bring in oxygen enhancing plants that will give your kitchen a natural look; Aloe Vera, Weeping Fig with Snake and Rubber Plants are just a few of the hardier varieties (even I can keep those alive!).

Shut the fridge door!

Are colourful and patterned appliances set to banish stainless steel? We love these exotically decorated fridges to add a bit of pizzazz from Smeg!